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PRB: RQBE Report Heading Misaligned

PSS ID Number: Q100560 Article last modified on 01-28-1994

2.50 2.50a WINDOWS

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft FoxPro for Windows, versions 2.5 and 2.5a


When the Relational Query By Example (RQBE) output is directed to a report, the report title band is misaligned.


To work around this problem: 1. Using the MODIFY command, open the report created by the query. 2. From the Report menu, choose Data Grouping. 3. Choose Add, and then type _PAGENO in the Group box. Choose OK twice. 4. Move all the fields and text from the Page Header band to the Group Header band. 5. Save the report. 6. Using the MODIFY command, open the query. 7. Choose Options, select Report, clear the Overwrite File check box, and choose OK. 8. Using the DO command, execute the query.


The report title band will be misaligned if the Quick Report option is selected within RQBE. The title will be printed and displayed in report preview, but it will be printed over the column headings. NOTE: Removing the column headings also removes the title band. This behavior can be illustrated with the following steps: 1. From the File menu, choose Open, and select a database to open. 2. From the File menu, choose New, and select Query, then choose New. 3. From the Output list popup, select Report/Label. 4. Select Options, and then Report. 5. Select Quick Report, and then choose OK. 6. Select Page Preview. 7. Select Heading. 8. In the Header Expression box, type “This is a header” (without the quotation marks). 9. Choose OK twice. 10. Choose Do Query. 13. On the Page Preview screen, choose Zoom In. This misalignment problem also occurs when you print the report with the following command: REPORT FORM <name> HEADING “This is a test heading” to print

Additional reference words: 2.50 2.50a crosstab Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1994.