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Microsoft KB Archive/10052

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Multiplan: Examples of the PV and NPER Functions PSS ID Number: Q10052 Article last modified on 10-08-1990 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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The following is an example of how to use Microsoft Multiplan’s PV and NPER functions.

Suppose you wanted to invest $50 at the beginning of each month for 18 months at 9 percent annual interest. Your goal is to have an ending balance of $1,538.91. How much would you have to deposit initially to end up with $1,538.91?

If you deposit $50 a month (PMT) at the beginning of every month (T=1), at a monthly interest rate of .75 percent (RATE) for a period of 18 (NPER) months, the ending balance will be -1,538.91 (FV). The current value of your account right now (that is, the amount you have to deposit initially) is given by the following equation:


More Information:

The following is another example:

Suppose you wanted to pay off a $5,000 loan at 12 percent annual interest with monthly payments of $111.22 that will be paid at the end of the month. How many monthly payments would it take you to pay off the loan?

You will take out the loan for $5,000 (PV) at a monthly interest rate of 1.00 percent (RATE) and will pay off the loan in monthly payments of - 111.22 (PMT) made at the end of each month (T=0). The number of payments to pay off the loan is given by the following equation:


Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1990.