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  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 3.5
  • Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.5

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Microsoft provides the files in the Microsoft Windows NT Driver Library (WNTDL). Files in the WNTDL support many printers, displays, sound cards, and network card adapters that the Windows NT version 3.5 release does not support directly. If you have a modem, the drivers are available at no charge. The drivers can also be downloaded from Microsoft's Support Download Web site at:



The Microsoft Windows NT Driver Library (WNTDL) contains device drivers for printers, displays, audio devices, storage devices, and network card adapters. These drivers enable these devices to run with the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.

As new and updated drivers become available, they will be added to the WNTDL.

NOTE: All the drivers included in this library are intended for use with Windows NT version 3.5.



   Item ID      Filename           Description        Ver  Date

   S14233       Mkecr.exe          Creative Labs S/B  3.1  08/20/93
   S14233       Mkecr.exe          Panasonic CR52x    3.1  08/20/93
   S14233       Mkecr.exe          Panasonic CR56x    3.1  08/20/93


   Item ID      Filename           Description             Ver    Date

   S14950       Art35.exe          Artist Graphics ISA     1.5    10/18/94
   S14900       Atint.exe          ATI GraphWonderXL24     3.50   09/23/94
   S14899       Cirrus.exe         Cirrus 5422 Embedded    3.50   09/23/94
   S15159       Cl54xx.exe         Cirrus 54xx 1.0         1.0    01/31/95
   S14235       Cpavga.exe         Compaq AVGA 640x480 16  3.1    08/20/93
   S14235       Cpavga.exe         Compaq AVGA 640x480 256 3.1    08/20/93
   S14235       Cpavga.exe         Compaq AVGA 800x600 256 3.1    08/20/93
   S14895       Avga.exe           Compaq AVGA EISA        3.50   09/23/94
   S14897       Cpq-qv.exe         Compaq QVision EISA     1.10   09/23/94
   S14896       Cpq200.exe         Compaq QVision2000 PCI  2.00   09/23/94
   S15158       Zlxp-e1.exe        DEC ZLXp-E1 TGA         3.5    01/31/95
   S14898       Matrox.exe         Matrox MGA-PCI PCI      2.01   11/10/94


   Item ID      Filename          Description                Ver   Date

   S15017       Artz-pad.exe      Wacom ArtZ/ArtPad Tablet   1.0   11/29/94

Network Card Adapters

   Item ID    Filename           Description                Ver    Date

   S14300     3c770.exe         3Com 3C77x FDDI EISA       1.16    09/23/94
   S14299     3c527.exe         3Com Etherlink/MC 32       1.00f   09/04/93
   S15156     At1700nt.exe      AlliedTelesyn AT1700 Eth   3.10    01/31/95
   S14901     Pcnet.exe         AMD PCnet ETH FAMILY       1.99    09/23/94
   S14902     Andtok.exe        Andrew IIA TR ISA          1.02    09/23/94
   S14903     Cte21.exe         Cabletron CTE21 ETH ISA    1.00.06 09/23/94
   S14622     Ctf30.exe         Cabletron F30XX FDDI MCA   1.00.06 09/23/94
   S14624     Ctf70.exe         Cabletron F70XX FDDI EISA  1.00.06 09/23/94
   S14628     Ctt20.exe         Cabletron T20XX TR ISA     1.00.03 09/23/94
   S14623     Dnictt30.exe      Cabletron T30XX TokenRing  3.1     03/14/94
   S14620     Nflex.exe         Compaq NetFlex             3.1     03/14/94
   S14354     C320nt.exe        Cisco C320 FDDI/CDDI EISA  1.4     01/31/95
   S15187     C320tnta.exe      Cisco CDDI/FDDI EISA 1.4   1.4     02/10/95
   S14489     Irmant.exe        DCA IRMAtrac TR ISA/MCA    4.0c    09/23/94
   S14904     De435.exe         DE DE435 ETH PCI           6.0     09/23/94
   S15186     Defeaa.exe        DEC FDDI/CDDI EISA 1.54    1.54    02/10/95
   S14952     De300a.exe        DEC DE300 FDDI EISA1.5     1.50    10/18/94
   S14953     De300x.exe        DEC DE300 FDDI EISA1.5     1.54    01/31/95
   S14906     Hpvge.exe         HP 100VG ETH EISA          3.10    09/23/94
   S14905     Hpvgi.exe         HP 100VG ETH ISA           3.10    09/23/94
   S14358     Hpisa.exe         HP Ethertwist ETH ISA      3.11    09/23/94
   S14357     Hpmca.exe         HP Ethertwist MCA          3.10    09/23/94
   S14907     Ibm32.exe         IBM LANStreamer TR MCA     1.30    09/23/94
   S14307     Tkxp16.exe        Intel 16-bit Token Ring    1.01    09/20/93
   S14306     Tkxp32.exe        Intel 32-bit Token Ring    1.01    09/20/93
   S14471     Ee16nt.exe        Intel EE16 ETH ISA 3.50    3.50    10/10/94
   S14908     Epront.exe        Intel EEPRO ETH ISA        1.13    09/23/94
   S14621     Fl32nt.exe        Intel Flash32 ETH EISA1.5  1.5     10/18/94
   S14355     82595.exe         Intel PCLA82xx Ethernet    3.1     10/29/93
   S14297     Madgnt.exe        Madge Ringnode TR SMART    1.02.02 09/23/94
   S15155     Ncrtok.exe        NCR StartLAN 16/4 TR       3.1.1   01/31/95
   S14356     Wavlan.exe        NCR WaveLAN AT & MCA   1.0a    10/12/93
   S14304     Ockt16.exe        Olicom 16/4 TR FAMILY      3.01    01/31/95
   S14305     Octk32.exe        Olicom Server TR EISA      2.00    09/23/94
   S14302     P139xx.exe        Proteon p1390 ISA TR       3.03    09/01/93
   S14302     P139xx.exe        Proteon p1392 ISA TR       3.03    09/01/93
   S14302     P139xx.exe        Proteon p1392+ ISA TR      3.03    09/01/93
   S14301     P189x.exe         Proteon p1892 MCA TR       3.03    09/01/93
   S14303     P199x.exe         Proteon p1990 EISA TR      3.03    09/01/93
   S14303     P199x.exe         Proteon p1990+ EISA TR     3.03    09/01/93
   S14909     Smcpci.exe        SMC SMCPWR ETH PCI 1.1     1.1     01/31/95
   S14625     Smc16.exe         SMC EtherCard ETH FAMILY   1.09    09/23/94
   S14626     Smc32.exe         SMC Ultra32 ETH EISA       1.05    01/31/95
   S15152     Skfmnt.exe        SysKonnect FDDI EISA 2.10  2.10    01/31/95
   S15153     Skfint.exe        SysKonnect FDDI ISA 2.10   2.10    01/31/95
   S15154     Skfent.exe        SysKonnect FDDI MCA 2.10   2.10    01/31/95
   S14627     Tctok.exe         ThomasConrad TC404x TR     1.0     09/23/94
   S14912     Xce10.exe         Xircom CCard ETH PCMCIA            09/23/94
   S14910     Xpe2.exe          Xircom PE2 ETH PARPORT     3.10    09/23/94
   S14911     Xpe3.exe          Xircom PE3 ETH PARPORT     3.10    09/23/94


   Item ID      Filename           Description            Ver    Date

   S15189      Escp2ms.exe         Epson Stylus ESC/P 2   3.51    02/20/94
   S15014      Hp4v_axp.exe        HP 4V/4MV ALPHA 1.0    1.0     11/29/94
   S15015      Hp4vmips.exe        HP 4V/4MV MIPS 1.0     1.0     11/29/94
   S15016      Hp4vi386.exe        HP 4V/4MV X86 1.0      1.0     11/29/94
   S15042      Hpcljaxp.exe        HP Color LJ ALPHA 1.0  1.0     12/13/94
   S15040      Hpcljmip.exe        HP Color LJ MIPS 1.0   1.0     12/13/94
   S15041      Hpclji38.exe        HP Color LJ X86 1.0    1.0     12/13/94


   Item ID    Filename           Description                Ver    Date

   S14890     Amd.exe            AMD PCNET/SCSI Embedded    1.95   09/23/94
   S14522     Ami48.exe          AMI Series48 EISA Cache    1.03   09/23/94
   S14522     Ami48.exe          AMI Series48 EISA NonCch   1.03   09/23/94
   S14891     Asp.exe            ASP ABP-842 VLB            3.10   09/23/94
   S14629     Cmd600.exe         CMD CSA-6000/F EISA        1.1    09/23/94
   S14785     Ex2501.exe         Exabyte 2501 SCSI Tape     1.0    06/09/94
   S14892     Ibmrad.exe         IBM IBMRAID MCA            3.10   09/23/94
   S14470     Prxel.exe          Procom Xelerator ISA       3.10   09/23/94
   S14783     Qlogic.exe         QLogic Fast!SCSI ISA       1.31   09/23/94
   S14783     Qlogic.exe         QLogic Fast!SCSI EISA      1.31   09/23/94
   S14783     Qlogic.exe         QLogic Fast!SCSI VLB       1.31   09/23/94
   S14893     Qlpci.exe          QLogic Fast!SCSI PCI       3.5    09/23/94
   S14894     Rancho.exe         Rancho RT1600-5 ISA        2.10   09/23/94
   S14639     Sankyo.exe         Sankyo SCSI Tape Drive     3.10   03/11/94
   S14234     S31am.exe          Sony 31A MIPS              3.1    08/20/93
   S15217     Dcscsi.exe         Tekram DC-820C EISA        3.10   03/17/95


For additional information about how to download Microsoft Support files, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

119591 How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online Services

Microsoft scanned this file for viruses. Microsoft used the most current virus-detection software that was available on the date that the file was posted. The file is stored on security-enhanced servers that help to prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.

  1. If you are downloading to a floppy disk, you need to have a formatted, blank disk. If you are downloading to your hard disk, create a new subdirectory in which you will place the files.

CAUTION: Do not download files directly into your main Windows NT directory. Doing so could overwrite files essential to the proper operation of your system.

  1. Follow the downloading procedure used by your downloading service. The file you download is the executable or program (.exe) file that you identified in step 1. This file contains all the files you need to support your device.

Download the .exe file to your floppy disk or to the new subdirectory you created on your hard disk.

  1. Change to the floppy disk drive (or the subdirectory on your hard disk) that contains the .exe file. At the MS-DOS prompt, type the filename, and then press ENTER.

When the .exe file finishes running, all the files you need to support your device, such as a .drv file and an Oemsetup.inf file, are set up. You are also provided with a .txt file that contains instructions for installing the device drivers (or other software) and a licensing agreement.

If you have problems extracting files, try downloading the files again.

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