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Microsoft KB Archive/100020

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Article ID: 100020

Article Last Modified on 10/13/2003


  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1
  • Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11

This article was previously published under Q100020


If you log on to a Microsoft LAN Manager domain when starting Windows for Workgroups and you are running a logon script that makes network drive connections, the following error message may appear:

An error occurred while reconnecting X: to <\\SERVER\SHARE:>
Do you want to continue restoring connections?

This error may appear for one or more persistent network connections. Although this error occurs, any persistent connections should still be accessible from File Manager.


Using LAN Manager logon scripts for network drive connections in conjunction with Windows for Workgroups is not recommended since Windows for Workgroups maintains its own list of persistent network connections in the CONNECT.DAT file. If you need to use a logon script for network drive connections, use the workaround detailed below.


To work around this error message, rename the CONNECT.DAT file in the Windows directory to CONNECT.OLD and add the /PERSISTENT:NO (/P:N) parameter to lines in the logon script that make network drive connections. The following line is an example:

   net use x: \\server\share /p:n

Any previous Windows for Workgroups persistent network connections that aren't created with the logon script need to be manually reconnected, which rewrites the CONNECT.DAT file. Make sure not to create any network connections that are already in the logon script.

Once the Windows for Workgroups persistent connections are re-created, you should not have any problems using logon scripts for other network connections as long as there is a /P:N parameter after the NET USE command so that it does not write to the CONNECT.DAT file.


This error is caused by the LAN Manager logon script using a NET USE command, which by default writes the network drive connection to the CONNECT.DAT file used by Windows for Workgroups for persistent network connections.

The Windows for Workgroups 386 enhanced mode redirector always looks for a CONNECT.DAT file for any persistent connections and tries to establish any connections present in the file. Since a connection was already created by the NET USE command in the logon script, when the 386 enhanced redirector tries to make the connection, the above error message appears.

This error does not occur if you start Windows for Workgroups in standard mode since the real-mode redirector should have already been started at MS-DOS and any persistent network connections are established at that point.

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