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Windows 2.x

Windows 3.x

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows ME (Millennium Edition)

Windows NT 4.0

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Home Server

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows Server 2008

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Resource Kits/Service Pack CDs

Microsoft Year 2000 Resource Kit (August 1999)

Microsoft Windows NT Service Pack CDs


Works 1.0 (PC)

Word for Windows 1.0

Word for Windows 2.0

Publisher 2.0

Office 95

Word 95

Office 97

Office 2000

Office XP

Office 2003

Office 2007

Works 6.0 and Money 2001 Standard

Works 7.0

Microsoft References

Encarta 98 Research Organizer

Programming Languages

Note: See the MSDN Discs list for programming languages distributed on MSDN

Visual Basic 1.0

Server Applications

Exchange Server 2003

SQL Server 2005


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Age of Empires I

Age of Empires II

Crimson Skies

Rise Of Nations

The Magic School Bus: Animals

The Magic School Bus: Bugs


Microsoft PDC 1997

Windows Live OneCare Beta

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