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Half-Life 2/-4

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At E3 2003 Valve demonstrated Half-Life 2 for the first time to the public, show stunning graphics and animation. With this demonstration it was announced that the game would be shipping the 30th September 2003. Near to this date Half-Life 2 got delayed, around this time rumours started circulating around the internet of a playable beta of Half-Life 2. This turned out not only to be true but also much more had leaked. The entire source code to Half-Life 2 was leaked along with a compiled playable (although lots of crashing) build. A hacker going by the name anon had hacked into Valve and released everything.

From this build it was noticeable that the game was no way near ready to be shipped and that a lot of the AI that was demonstrated at E3 was actually scripted. It was claimed that in one of the levels a NPCs smashed windows and kicked down doors (e3_phystown) without scripting. The beta also contained a lot of weapons and enemies that did not make it into the final cut along with unseen levels.

The following were leaked by the hacker anon

  • The Half-Life 2 source code
  • A compiled playable build of Half-Life 2 with a map editor
  • Half-Life converted to the Source engine later known as Half-Life: Source
  • Counter-Strike converted to the Source engine later known as Counter-Strike: Source
  • An unreleased Nvidia Geforce drivers
  • Over 1000 uncompiled Half-Life 2 maps
  • Uncompiled Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Deathmatch Classic maps
  • A patch to fix some bugs that was later announced by anon not to do anything at all

Console commands

There are plenty of console commands that can be accessed with the ~ key. Here are some useful ones

  • map <mapname> will load a level
  • maps * list all available maps
  • hud_quickinfo 1 will bring up a better HUD and crosshair
  • cl_ejectbrass 1 makes shells eject from a weapon
  • closecaption 1 enables closed captions
  • impulse 101 will give most weapons
  • impulse 82 spawns a jeep
  • ch_createairboat spawns the airboat
  • god
  • noclip good way to view the map
  • no target become invisible to NPC
  • give weapon_physgun much like the gravity gun but can stick objects together (the basis of Garry's Mod)
  • cl_showfps 1
  • exec e3_town runs the E3 script on the map d1_town_01 (the scripted scenes that supposedly weren't scripted)
  • exec e3_strider runs the E3 script on the map c17_13

To find other commands, simply type a letter (or number) into the console and all possible commands will be listed. Some do nothing while some will crash the game.