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Half-Life: Day One (build 676, August 31, 1998) is OEM demo of Half-Life. It contains the first day of the storyline, from Black Mesa Inbound to We've Got Hostiles. There were at least two builds of Day One: 676 (August 31, 1998) and 852 (February 23, 1999). This article is about build 676, which was released before final release. It is available on BetaArchive FTP.

The demo has some minor differences from the retail version of Half-Life. They are listed on Half-Life: Day One page at Combine OverWiki.

Build strings

Software Build 676
Exe: 21:36:27 Aug 31 1998
OpenGL Build 676
Exe: 21:33:24 Aug 31 1998
Console Half-Life 1.0 Alpha build 676

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