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Gearbox Software originally intended to port Half-Life to Sega Dreamcast and make Blue Shift exclusive for Dreamcast. The port was almost finished, however, due to changes in console market after PlayStation 2 release, the port was cancelled and Gearbox switched to PlayStation 2. One of pre-cancellation builds has been leaked.

The leaked build seems to be finished and is fully playable. It features Blue Shift intro cutscene that has not made it into PC version and unused dm_office map, which is a deathmatch remake of Sector D offices. It also features early version of High Definition Pack.

Build strings

Software (unused) (?) Protocol version 39
Exe version
Exe build: 16:01:20 May 23 2001 (Dreamcast 1672)
PVR (?) Protocol version 39
Exe version
Exe build: Dreamcast 16:13:52 May 23 2001 (Dreamcast 1672)
Console DC Release Build 1672
Date: May 23 2001

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