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SSL Encryption

How to use SSL Encryption

1. Download and install our recommended FTP client, Filezilla - [Download].

Note: The main homepage download link contains "crapware". Use the link above to download a version without this, or be attentive when installing on your system to decline installing the "crapware".

2. Make a new connection in the Site Manager and give it a suitable name.

3. From the servers list page, enter the following information:

4. From the Protocol menu, select FTP - File Transfer Protocol

5. From the Encryption menu, select Require implicit FTP over TLS

6. Click OK.

Note: The newest Filezilla FTP Client cannot connect to our server without changing the minimum TLS version to 1.0.

To do this, go to Settings > Connection, and change "Minimum allowed TLS version" to "TLS 1.0 (insecure)". On Linux/macOS you may need to use an older SSL library.

7. Click back into the site manager and select the connection you made. Click connect.

8. Upload by dragging files from the left window to the right.