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FTP Fair Usage Policy

Fair usage policy notice

Unfortunately, a small percentage of BetaArchive users do not play fair when it comes to downloading from the FTP, and they are the reason that we introduced the 50GB/day download limit, and then later the addition of the fair usage policy.

In order to protect our infrastructure from abuse by a minority of users, we have had to put in place the following policies:

  • Monitor each user's daily download amount.
  • Limit download quota to 50GB/day per user.
  • Reduce a user's quota or remove FTP access if they regularly download near the maximum quota over a period of time (usually weeks).

To avoid being hit by our fair usage policy, you should:

  • Download files for personal consumption only.
  • Not attempt to mirror all data (this would take a long time even if you tried).
  • Refrain from hitting near the 50GB/day quota regularly.

User's FTP access can be limited or removed without prior warning if the fair usage policy is broken. If this happens, you may appeal the decision and we may reverse the changes. This will be decided on a per case basis.

We have no plans to change the allowed daily quota or our fair usage policy in the near future. Obviously we never want to impose limits on any users, so please don't give us a reason to and stick to the guidelines above.

And remember, BetaArchive is a free service and bandwidth is expensive. Please play fair so that all users have an equal opportunity to download and enjoy the archive.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Andy or mrpijey on the forum or Discord.

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