XBOX360 Live motion camera coming soon?

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XBOX360 Live motion camera coming soon?

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XBOX360 Live motion camera coming soon?

Source: Tech blog Engadget via a lucky tipster.

What we heard: Nothing says "the next generation is here" quite like a webcam and the inevitable
gratuitous displays of private parts. Microsoft is set to release its highly anticipated camera
peripheral, Xbox Live Vision, for the Xbox 360 next month. However, if a report on Engadget is true,
gamers may be getting peeks where the sun don't shine over Uno sooner than they think.

Over the weekend, Joystiq cited an anonymous source who claims that he already bought the
camera from a local Toys 'R Us, despite the camera's apparent release date of September 19. The
story is accompanied with a Flickr photo set complete with a Toys 'R Us receipt and the contents of
the Vision package. It appears a rumor that spread across the Web detailing the price and items in
the Xbox Live Vision bundle may be correct. Included in the alleged set is the camera, a wired
headset, a voucher for Xbox Live Arcade game Uno, and a one-month subscription to Xbox Live
Gold--all for $39.99.

This wouldn't be the first time a street date for gaming gear has been broken by a retailer. Earlier
this year, many walked away with DS Lites almost a week before Nintendo intended them to go on
sale. If it is true, it's good news for gamers who like to ham it up for the camera. If stores have the
stock in already, the peripheral is ready to go and delays are highly unlikely. As for those lucky
enough to pick one up? The spring dashboard update included camera support, so they'll get a
head start in getting acquainted with Vision.

The official story: When asked for comment, a Microsoft rep would only say that no official date or
price has been announced for the camera.

Bogus or not bogus?: Probably not bogus. And probably best not to lay that Draw Four wild card
without shielding your eyes.

Image Source: Gamespot
Image Screenshot: Flickr