Ziphone confirmed to work on iphone firmware 2.0

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Ziphone confirmed to work on iphone firmware 2.0

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ZiPhone is a free, open source and all-in-one jailbreak / unlocking tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. The latest version of the unlocking software supports the new v2.0 iPhone OS and more international networks. The developer warns users not to upgrade to iPhone 2.0 firmware when it's made available if they want to have fun with their iPhones.

ZiPhone is basically a do-it-all, unlock, jailbreak, and activate tool for iPhone owners. iPhone users have the option to not unlock their iPhones if they so wish, but jailbreak and activate only. Some of the main features include:

- Do it all: Unlock, jailbreak, and activate
- Don't unlock: jailbreak and activate only
- Jailbreak: This is the best choice for the iTouch or official carriers
- Refurbish: Erase baseband - restore will replace locks

Zibri claims the software is so easy to use that even a caveman could do it (see video below).

"At the moment I'm waiting for 2.0 to be released and the 3G iPhone to be in my hands," says Zibri, the developer of the ZiPhone unlocking tool. He also notes that, shortly after WWDC 2008, a new iTunes version will be available for download. That's true. iPhone 3G, as well as the new MobileMe service replacing .Mac, list iTunes 7.7 as a requirement. iPhone firmware 2.0 will also become available soon. Zibri claims that "if you want to have fun with your iPhone," you should hold the upgrade and "wait for all devs to be ready... I'll start working on new releases as soon as they are released. I'll keep you posted," the developer promises.