concept = Windows 11?

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concept = Windows 11?

Post by RYuhMine »

I remember earlier there was a concept of Windows 11 and this concept fully describes what we have now. Did Microsoft do this on purpose?
For example old concept when Windows 11 doesn`t exist:

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Re: concept = Windows 11?

Post by KTRMAmbiance »

LMAO how they misspelled Windows and Applications there

Probably a draft design of what they were planning then, which is a common practice when creating something new

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Re: concept = Windows 11?

Post by Zv45Beta »

This concept looks so similar to Zorin, though.
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Re: concept = Windows 11?

Post by dixieLH »

who are we kidding
they took everything from DDE and slapped win flag on it

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Re: concept = Windows 11?

Post by ZanyToonWB »

i don't think this is official, this looks fanmade, like the concepts from before build 21996 was leaked, and this is the windows 10x on the side, also this looks like a screenshot of zorin os with a start menu photoshopped on there, this combined with the misspellings makes me think this is fanmade and not by microsoft (but then again these misspellings were also in the longhorn plex demos)
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Re: concept = Windows 11?

Post by Caesum »

Putting this image into Google Images shows only one result from This site is dead now but I checked their archived page on and it seems the site was a "place to find high-quality design resources for designers, creative agencies and developers". It had a whole category for different OS mockups so I think the image above is just one of their mockups.

That would be in line with what I remember from the times when Windows 11 was first shown as "Windows 10 Sun Valley Update". The first screenshots of the update were already pretty much the final look of the interface of Windows 11, so it seems they got the idea for it even before the update was turned into a full OS I guess.

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