Finding eComStation betas

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Finding eComStation betas

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I gathered some interest in having some information about eComStation and it's betas. While most are available for download (and has been archived here) such as release candidates for eComStation 2.0 and betas of translations. However there are some that once available but now lost.

I have found that there are mentions of a preview version of eComStation 1.0 (such as Wikipedia and VOICE newsletter), which is based on OS/2 Warp 4.50 (Server for e-Business), in comparison the GA build is based on OS/2 Warp 4.51. I found a screenshot of it's bootlogo but unfortunately lost.

I'm also looking for eComStation 2.0 RC3, which was offered here at BA once but never got uploaded. While changes are minimal, it is interesting to take note from as this was missing while others are found.

I'm curious on whenever eComStation 2.0 Beta 2 even existed, if it is, then I would appreciate if there's a copy somewhere.

While it might be appropriate to post it on Download Requests, I am posting this here to give it more attention, and also because I'm looking into documenting the eComStation 2.0 Release Candidate cycle.
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