request: windows 2000 isos, retail, oem and select types

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Windows Thunderstruck
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request: windows 2000 isos, retail, oem and select types

Post by Windows Thunderstruck »

id like to obtain some windows 2000 isos that are hard to find

list is a work in progress

disc labels to know what im looking for:
Retail version (RTM/SP0):
W2PFPP_(langcode) (professional)
W2SFPP_(langcode) (server)
W2AFPP_(langcode) (advanced server)
OEM version (RTM/SP0):
W2POEM_(langcode) (professional oem)
W2SOEM_(langcode) (server oem)
Select version (RTM/SP0):
W2PSEL_(langcode) (professional)
W2SSEL_(langcode) (server)
W2ASEL_(langcode) (advanced server)

AR = arabic
BR = brazilian portuguese
CS = czech
CN = simplified chinese
DA = danish
DE = german
EL = greek
ES = spanish
FI = finnish
FR = french
HE = hebrew
HU = hungarian
IT = italian
JA = japanese
KO = korean
NO = norwegian
PL = polish
PT = iberian portuguese
RU = russian
SV = swedish
TR = turkish
TW = traditional chinese

particularly looking for the following:
MS select copies:
french (pro, server and advanced server)
korean (server and advanced server)
portuguese (both brazilian and iberian, pro and server)
simplified chinese (pro, server and advanced server)
traditional chinese (pro, server and advanced server)
chinese hong kong ver (these have HK on the iso label, pro, server and advanced server)

Retail/FPP copies:
arabic (pro)
czech (pro and server)
french (pro and advanced server)
hebrew (pro)
hungarian (pro and server)
italian (pro)
norwegian (pro)
polish (pro and server)
swedish (pro and server)
traditional chinese (server)
chinese hong kong ver (these have HK on the iso label, pro, server and advanced server)
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Re: request: windows 2000 isos, retail and oem types

Post by eggi36 »


Windows Thunderstruck
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Re: request: windows 2000 isos, retail and oem types

Post by Windows Thunderstruck »

found these sha1s on my digital life

For 2195.1 SP0/RTM Pro retail/FPP
en-us: D183812D681126789358BF3CCCEC98194B22F67C
ar-sa: 8B15FE2DA2A0EAF0D6AC8EDB390881B174DF0448
cs-cz: 65820E05BCD4D955A773324222F2E230401FCAF5
da-dk: 05947FF0CAFE2F096DC286C370B2E71DA5199084
de-de: 8D5E40BBE8A01162F64D79A2FDD0B608E3FE53E4
el-gr: 5BF75DED80813565197B7E0F391A60F3A0D89DBA
es-es: 33019DC39FBADE425021477D821A925CD8349A02
fi-fi: 847D244A6A07D0A976CC5B93A69D0FEF2290A4F3
fr-fr: BE748D793AF6B77CDA86CBCF61FDD943A95FE419
he-il: 4301CEE170C28DB05A4DD59F1A732CE01E8A09B4
hu-hu: CD7B929C0D36D002D4D35EBCC5976B3626EBA55F
it-it: C93AC025C483F299B82AF74D345E553E1062696B
ja-jp: 95A45963AFF8C6CD0699F627BDBB05E887EA65C2
ja-jp: EF5035B8C6B566552EBA9F16E085272632E259B4 (NEC)
ko-kr: D2EF5ABEC998408AF453DBBEF547539B209C3DAC
nl-nl: 9C5B7C0CAE0E6B384063C36B00C6A6F435622610
nb-no: 4D01A8686E291D23ADD96F0D592DA2912161A2CD
pl-pl: 42AEE8CB7B18C314723AA68075BACC5B6B78D0F2
pt-br: A42DA009B58C132D717AC0BD3E86AA07A344E7A0
pt-pt: 92C8705A88CB3D7125A494E21A864E142F6ADDBD
ru-ru: 0AFCD5D63250F5700B64CCCF4CF430C58F218A8B
sv-se: A50EB9BF8835C1BD971D43AA886B54D9560F54A3
tr-tr: A46AC4A4ABB638E9979705D4B82DD4270B66EC1A
zh-cn: E74BC8A4C8E7C904E5A27C08FE74753AC6E5F5CF
zh-hk: 58E19DAD89BCFE315398251DB4C4D179ECD0D240
zh-tw: 08A86F73D3013C163CE82622912754E20D653C68

For 2195.1 SP0/RTM server retail/FPP
en-us: 0E5986B46E60A94B39EFAB6E3F3967FCC907E146
cs-cz: 45DBD0069DBB45C4729F7BCAFCB65F55ABA24FB1
de-de: 2EEF54CB5492DCCC2FBAEF85CA3EE22B5193F92D
es-es: 88034D67A9E45AD3F1CE758A71C7CFCEE54C94CA
fr-fr: 11B23670B3E98ACE5C848D792DC8AF2803D6500C
hu-hu: 070B91E4F1FD6223584D82CD5455BB827B290DE4
it-it: 420735AB1E44BD78E9396453BCA42C6E1E006689
ja-jp: 85B66DA26EBEC4C6EDFBE47A34B4288516E63F87
ja-jp: 57EC6C59BF0D5918031E5E4AA115743616FC5200 (NEC)
ko-kr: C6538DD451E92FE94FFEA3DFF22C72419B9FCC5B
nl-nl: 0BC574F44E179EAD930D5CA6C9ED6960537DCF6F
pl-pl: 732804D4292E230F08EB70933CED4EDFA890DA1A
pt-br: 86269F4403FFE17B77713C8322D973EE681B3371
pt-pt: CE54F2DC9345AB9AE3EFC31DBC02C684C3F15A77
ru-ru: 98F9134D5B5355AD19406470D931DE7EA1F37BFF
sv-se: A43050988385433C2F12280586AB967EAA2D3417
tr-tr: AEFDD62B72B3DFE64C7A415EE77DBC8CEFF857BC
zh-cn: 19BA5F1C09E9398BC7144B2128B9DAD203667F47
zh-hk: 3875AF8C55237204D4BFFEDDAC90C11DC2D40CB8
zh-tw: F5F2F650B752A5465C9A118805AE9CD1C8402909

For 2195.1 SP0/RTM advanced server retail/FPP
en-us: 73060BAB874AB6068016A83DAA883FDA7FCAD3BD
de-de: 15796B1ACA3A7CD6CC05AE3B8F6C71F5EA5C5358
es-es: A49C0DFB5489EA44C8F877F78885E22EEB38CF46
fr-fr: 93EB4ABA8ED51CE1BA879884B1D9ABDA64B1D5C2
ja-jp: 04378BD2A08451C88CE12B31F0CF93261E6F7420
ko-kr: 6F23CDD4EC403C555596908073645E4DBFB856F7
zh-cn: 0E5C47A169238D4928C4CB9179862A89506B8748
zh-hk: B06C901D196B2FE5DFE37731FD1CE5F7A69DEBB9
zh-tw: BDE01CE386D56D37D82AD15A6467526DD5EF923A

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