Vista Questions.

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Vista Questions.

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On an older laptop I once installed Vista SP2 and disabled Superfetch for better RAM management (which did help but it would still eventually use all of it), and Vista ran okay for my lightweight needs anyway. But on that same laptop, I also installed up to beta build 5259 (giving special attention to that one and its predecessor 5231). They both used up only a very stable half gig of RAM.

Now I'm using a VM of Vista on much better hardware and it also only uses a half gig of RAM.

Which build of Vista changed RAM management to the point that the OS would gobble it up like crazy on lower end hardware? Or could it have been something in the service packs (as I'm using SP1 now, and it was SP2 that had the issue with the lesser hardware, it's possible the hardware had nothing to do with it and Vista just got worse in SP2 somehow). Knowing the answer to this question, I could simply find the very last build before the change and use that as my primary Vista on lower end hardware (I know hardly anyone would do that, but I like using Vista and its betas).

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Re: Vista Questions.

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it was pretty much like that since Beta 1 ones

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