Adding Vista's Windows Anytime Upgrade

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Adding Vista's Windows Anytime Upgrade

Post by ObjectShorts24 »

Heyo! ObjectShørts24 here.

Pretty interested in the archiving aspect, and I want to contribute something myself.
I have a DVD copy of the Windows Vista version (32-bit specifically) of Windows Anytime Upgrade, including the pamphlet it comes with. (I say "Vista version" since there is a version for Windows 7 as well, so I'm being more specific.)

Pictures for quick reference (just as samples for this post):
Front of case: ... p=drivesdk
Back of case: ... p=drivesdk
DVD: ... p=drivesdk
Back of pamphlet: ... p=drivesdk

I checked the database and didn't see this in there.
I don't have a scanner, but I read through the guidelines and saw it was fine as long as the pictures from my camera aren't low quality in the same way HQ scans aren't.

I wanted to come here and ask first if it would be okay for me to upload this or not instead of just plowing through without any notice.
If not, that's okay.

Thanks in advance! :]
- ObjectShørts24

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Re: Adding Vista's Windows Anytime Upgrade

Post by mrpijey »


Yeah, if it's not in the archives then we'd be happy to preserve this!

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