[OFFER] PowerSoft Optima++ (Symantec, 1996)

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[OFFER] PowerSoft Optima++ (Symantec, 1996)

Post by ezpz2077too »

Hi everyone! I'm an old-new user, previously known as ezpz2077 (but lost access to that account's e-mail...), mostly interested in older OSes (primarily UNIXes, but also the DOS and CP/M ecosystems) and development tools.

Anyway, I picked this up recently on eBay:

It's PowerSoft's Optima++ from 1996, which, as I understand, was their competitor to C++ Builder. One interesting thing is that it uses the Watcom compiler, which at that time was best in class for code generation.

There is not a ton of info online about the product: From what I understand they subsequently released a 1.5 version (which is available on archive.org as part of a warez compilation: https://archive.org/details/storm-1), followed by it being rebranded to Power++ for the 2.0 release. Eventually Sybase (Powersoft's parent) put their weight behind PowerBuilder and the project was discontinued. If anyone knows any more background info, I'd love to hear it.

Anyway - I haven't opened the box yet, but will have some more time on Monday. I'll try to dump the media and the CD/box art then. No promises about the manuals, the box is fairly heavy :OD , but I can try if anyone is interested.

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