prototypes / betas of old games (199x-200x)

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prototypes / betas of old games (199x-200x)

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Hello folks ;)

I've been looking for a prototype of a game that came out around 2000. Naturally I've been googling a lot - nothing found yet.
But I wonder how do most of the people here come across prototypes and betas - especially from older games?

I suppose some people have them on their hard drives (for example from participating in closed betas), there is also sharing, trading and so on?
Thinking about it - I also wonder if employees of pc gaming magazines serve as (for the lack of a better word) "dealers"?

Correct me if I'm wrong - but when magazines used to make early previews on games - did they receive actual prototypes of these games?
If so - do these companies (magazines) or their employees keep those files around regularly?

Would be cool to have some insight about this topic - maybe even from some people how used to work in this industry.

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