DIC CD-Rom Compatibility List

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DIC CD-Rom Compatibility List

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I have just joined the forums with the intention of uploading some of my CD-Roms, but haven't yet been able to locate a Plextor drive here in Australia.

I do have a Sony AH-7200, but am unsure of the following from the GitHub page:

- CD: (Swappable drive) (This is the comfirmed drive list. Actually, many drive perhaps supports to swap)
- Sony Optiarc AD-7200 (Combined offset plus disc only)

I am not sure what the 'Swappable' part refers to, and I can't get my head around the offset and whether it applies to CD-Roms or only to audio CDs.


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Re: DIC CD-Rom Compatibility List

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Not sure what this is either, perhaps this question should be asked on their github page? I think you will get much better answers directly from the developers.
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Re: DIC CD-Rom Compatibility List

Post by Darkstar »

If that is what I think it is, the idea is that some drives make "better dumps" (raw dump, disabled error correction, dumping weak sectors, etc.) if they dump the CD as audio.

However, non-audio CDs usually cannot be dumped as audio, as the drive prohibits that. So the idea is to insert an audio CD, let the drive read the TOC, wait for the disc to spin down again and then swap the disc with the one you really want to dump, without the drive noticing (usually when you eject the disc, the drive resets the "disc is audio" flag). So you swap the disc either by using the emergency eject mechanic, or by opening the top cover and yanking out the CD.

This has been standard practice for dumping many "exotic" formats for years now (Dreamcast GD-ROMs have been dumped with this trick for ages), but I think the usage for dumping regular copy-protected CDs via the audio dump commands is a rather recent idea that came up only in the last few years or so.
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