Guide: How to run Leopard 9A241 on Mid-2007 Macs.

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Guide: How to run Leopard 9A241 on Mid-2007 Macs.

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This guide has been done on the Mid-2007 iMac! I will be specifically mentioning it, as it's the only Mid-2007 Mac i own.
1. Flash 9A241 to a USB drive with the Restore thing in Disk Utility.
2. Grab 9Z1554’s boot.efi located in System/Library/CoreServices. Or, i have one here if you’d like: ... lG5ASDnv1Q
3. Replace 9A241’s boot.efi with 9Z1554’s.
4. Run “sudo bless —folder=/Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Library/CoreServices —file=/Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi —setBoot”. You should see it fail. Modify the name of the volume if it isn’t “Mac OS X Install DVD”.
5. You should now be able to boot to the USB and install Leopard.
6. After install, it won’t boot. Boot back to your main installation
and navigate to CoreServices on the partition. Then, replace the boot.efi with 9Z1554’s again.

To do this, try this in terminal: “sudo chflags nouchg boot.efi”,
obviously this only works if you are currently in the directory, then replace boot.efi and i recommend locking it again by typing “sudo chflags uchg boot.efi”.
7. Repeat the bless command from step 4, but by replacing the “Mac OS X Install DVD” with your volume name. It should still fail, but it will succeed anyways.
8. Boot! Fingers crossed!

- iSight camera
- Bluetooth
- Ethernet
- Graphics acceleration (expected, the GPUs came out way later, besides it's still pretty smooth on my Mac without the accel).
- AirPort
- Audio (untested)
- Changing resolution.


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