Opera 9.5 Final Released

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Opera 9.5 Final Released

Post by Saarineames »

Opera 9.50 Build 10063 Final



Post by asX »

Downloaded it yester, it's 'very succeeded', it's now my new favorite browser instead of firefox

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Post by longview »

Been using Opera since 7.2, I'm glad they are still innovating in their browser (AFAIK they were the first with thumbnails on tabs, or tabs for that matter) like the new automatic search when you type in the address bar.

Tips: Open opera:config and search for thumbnails, you can enable thumbnails when you ctrl-tab between tabs.
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Post by TechRat8r »

This version has upped the stakes of the online world as we know it.
Opera is definetly going to try to break tradition with Opera Dragonfly.
Firefox is their biggest competitor right now.