Tutorial: Installing Vista x64 on HP Elitebook 2570p

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Tutorial: Installing Vista x64 on HP Elitebook 2570p

Post by Main3782 »

So, this is my daily driver laptop. It never officially supported Vista. It has a lot of issues and needs a special configuration in the BIOS, or else it will crash after the first stage of Setup. This Setup isn't however, perfect. I'll explain why later in this tutorial.

Let's start with:

- Why did HP never support Vista for their Ivy Bridge laptops and did for Sandy?
Well, even though Ivy is the last architecture to properly work with Vista x64, most OEM manufacturers dropped support for Vista at it. Since this laptop is Ivy and has a QM77 chipset, swapping it for a Sandy CPU won't do much. You wanna know the funny bit? HP supported XP! That's right, they completely skipped Vista, and the driver download page quite literally looks like this:
Windows XP (32-bit), Windows XP (64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)...
Yeah, it's completely, like, i can't understand it. Alright, lemme not go on for long, lemme start with the tutorial:

- Prepare the ISO
Honestly, it does not depend what ISO you use, just make sure to use SP1/SP2+, as those support UEFI in the x64 versions.
Flash with Rufus to a USB, set the boot thingy from MBR to GPT and flash!

- Slow down... before you boot...
Alright, here is where things come into play, if you don't set up things right here, your Vista might BSOD after the first stage of Setup.
In the BIOS, do these things:
File -> Restore Defaults
File -> Reset BIOS security to factory default
Exit -> Save
Press F1 when prompted, and F1 again
Boot to BIOS again
Security -> Setup BIOS Administrator Password
Type a password, memorize it
Security -> TPM Embedded Security -> Embedded Security Device State to on (i'm not sure if it's named that, but it will be unchecked)
System Configuration -> Boot Options -> Modify however you want here, just make sure to set Boot Mode to UEFI Hybrid and User Mode to HP Factory Keys if not already.
System Configuration -> Device Configuration (IMPORTANT, THIS SECTION CAUSES THE BSOD) -> USB legacy support ON, Max SATA Speed -> 6.0 Gbps, SATA device mode -> AHCI, USB Charging Port -> Off, WAKE ON USB -> OFF, i haven't determined yet, but this might be the cause of the BSOD., then i recommend also turning on VTx, VTd, and TXT, which TXT may require you to restart your computer, press F1 to activate TPM then go back to BIOS and enable it.

- Alright, after that, you can boot to the installer, but you might notice something:
Help! My USB Hub isn't working! Well, here we encounter our first issue, Vista does not work with USB Hubs at all. So if you have one and need it, you're out of luck.
Even after installation, you can't make it work, as it will just say that the USB device is not recognized. So, yep. If you use the built in keyboard and touchpad, you might also notice that the touchpad might not work (this doesn't happen all the time). Just plug in a external mouse. In my example, i'm using an external Keyboard, Mouse and speakers, which already take up all the USB ports. But, if done correctly, the installation should go smooth and without any issues.

- We suffer with drivers now...
Check the comments for a tutorial!

Bonus section:
If you're using LegacyUpdate or Windows Update, you might notice 2 hardware updates, from the 82579LM network and the Intel Management Engine Interface. These can be safely installed.

Anyways, that's it! If you need more questions, ask below. And here is my desktop, if you really want to see it running:

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Re: Tutorial: Installing Vista x64 on HP Elitebook 2570p

Post by Main3782 »

Alright, here we are. Vista is installed, now you need

Before installing Vista though, make sure to grab the
Intel ProSet utility from Windows XP 64-bit (sp57979).

Now, you have no network, so, open the XP drivers, which
of course, won't install. Instead, open device manager,
right click on network controller and update, then point
it to "C:\SWSetup\SP57979\XP\x64\Drivers". Click Next.
Now you have WiFi! Congrats! Connect to a network. Now it's
really time for drivers.

Obviously, you need a browser, and IE is not gonna cut it.
I recommend MyPal for the time being, (mypal-browser.org)
(get the new unstable version, not the old 29.3.0 one)
but once you install updates and extended kernel (or if you
already have) you can install Supermium. Once MyPal is downloading,
you wait, because their servers are incredibly good (sarcasm).

Alright alright, once you have MyPal installed, i recommend
turning off one more thing so your Vista doesn't BSOD while getting
the drivers: Navigate to "about:config", click that you're sure
that it won't void the warranty, and search for "browser.tabs.
remote.autostart", and then click on it two times, then restart MyPal.

Now we got a browser! Yay! More drivers!

Alright, let's start, we will be mainly using XP drivers, but
we need one driver especially for Vista, that is the HD 4000 one.
It can be found here -
http://web.archive.org/web/201802021653 ... 0.2761.exe
Now that that's downloading, go the laptop's driver page, or
just this if you're lazy, this link -> https://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers/hp ... pc/5259393.

Now, you may wonder, where is XP 64-bit? Well, it's hidden. Click XP 32-bit first.
Now click a different OS, which may send you down to the bottom of the page, if it happens, go up
and click it again. And there it is, XP 64-bit option. Click it. Now, download these drivers:

- IDT audio driver
- Intel Chipset installation utility and driver (which works fine on Vista)
- Intel Management Engine Interface Driver
- Synaptics TouchPad Driver
- Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver
- Intel 82579LM and 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Driver (installs on XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10...)
- Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth Driver
- JMicron Media Card Reader Driver
- HP 3D DriveGuard 5
- Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver


Once you gathered the drivers, Download them, which might again send you to the
bottom of the page, once again, scroll up, and click it again. Then click the X on whatever
download and install assistant pop up you wish to close.

We might as well start with the Graphics driver, just click on it, and install, nothing too
special. Do not restart yet.

NOTE!!! You may see a lot of "Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software".
Click Install this driver software anyway.

Next, Audio driver, also simple, just click and install. No restarting.

Next is a very important driver, the Chipset driver!
Suprisingly, this one installs completely fine - you just go thru setup like normal.

Next is the Management Engine driver, which may complain that you need a newer version of
.NET framework 3.5. You can safely skip this warning. It also, installs with no issues.

Next, the touchpad driver, which is really optional if you dont use it, but hey, let's
install it anyways, why not? It should install without any issues, if you see a
crash once the installer is finished, you can safely click close.

Next is the Validity Fingerprint driver. This one might not install as cleanly for you.
If you're lucky, it will, but if you're not, you might have to restart first, or simply
restart Setup.

Next are the Ethernet drivers, which as expected, install with no issues, as they are
natively supported on Vista.

Next is the bluetooth driver. The installer complains that it is only for XP and 2000,
we can easily skip this - go to the device manager, right click on BCM20702A0, update
driver, navigate to "C:\SWSetup\SP57144\Win64\drivers" and it should work!

Next is the SD card reader driver, installs with no issues.

Next is DriveGuard. This one won't install properly. It is expected. Go to device manager,
right click on Unknown device -> details -> Hardware IDs -> Confirm it is ACPI\HPQ6000,
then, Update the Driver, and navigate to "C:\SWSetup\SP58201\drivers", it should install!

Lastly, the Rapid Storage Driver. Which again, installs with no issues.

And you're done! Restart the computer, and hope it works! Make sure to also reinstall the
fingerprint driver if it failed before (hope it works now)

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Re: Tutorial: Installing Vista x64 on HP Elitebook 2570p

Post by Windows11RTMYT »

I Installed Windows VIsta in My Laptop :) (Model: HP Probook 440 G3) it only support windows 7 and newer :) . Windows Vista Does not Support officialy. :o

I installed Windows Vista ON NVME M.2 :evil: . it working Properly But all Driver Does not work :( . Even Aero Does not support too :? . i got internet using use tethering from my phone :D .

I downloaded Windows Vista Extended Kernel.iso and replaced vista setup with win 7 setup worked perpectly on NVME. *hehe*

on 2nd phrase setup i got error that can not installed. Ignore it *hehe* i open cmd and opened regedit to some registry and save it. then restarted my pc.

i saw Vista orb startup :D . it fully Installed. :D . then i saw battery icon is not here. even sound driver not working.

I installed All drivers . But None of them is worked only Sound driver worked. :o . after installing sound driver , sound icon still off.

i clicked on sound icon , and it says Windows Sound driver is disabled. Do you want to enable it? I clicked Yes.

Then Newdev.exe need to permision. i clicked ok.

It Started Deteching EveryThing on Device Exist. When Deteching Is complete. I saw Sound and Battery Icon Started Working. Woah :OD

CPU: Intel Core i5
Ram 16GB
HDD 1tb (DATA) (Not OS)
Main OS : Windows 11
2nd OS : Windows Vista :mrgreen:
I like Longhorn DWM :)

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