Time & Date all screwy - Windows 7

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Time & Date all screwy - Windows 7

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I've been daily driving my ThinkPad T430 for little bit now (Dual-boot Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Kubuntu Linux) and it's been great. One annoying issue though - Windows 7 always wants to time sync to 5 hours fast. My time zone is EST, and it will correctly sync if I manually click "update now" under the internet time tab in the date control panel, but a little while later, it will reset to 5 hours fast. No idea what's causing it.

Worth noting - my CMOS battery is bad, but the main batt is fine and the time in BIOS should be correct. I'll double check that though.
Edit: BIOS time is fine. Glitch is still happening. All Windows updates have been applied up until 1-2020.
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Re: Time & Date all screwy - Windows 7

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Worth noting - you should check the certificates in case you also got problems connecting to internet / opening websites. I found it rather amusing that my original copy of Windows 7 and Vista acted that after microsoft shut down the update servers for them (they dropped support for old platform and migrated to aria2 system). Now I need to manualy install all certificates after each reinstall for them to connect.
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