Win3.1 SMB/CIFS update?

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Win3.1 SMB/CIFS update?

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I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was an update to the protocol stack on Win 3.1x for SMB/CIFS?

I did have the Microsoft FTP site downloaded, but I have done some dumb stuff and lost the data on the drive.

Additionally, I did go through the KB's on Jeff Par's site, but nothing that I could see.

Could Win3.1x use NTLMv1?

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Re: Win3.1 SMB/CIFS update?

Post by vbdasc »


Windows for Workgroups 3.1x is limited to Lan Manager authentication. No NTLMv1. Ditto for Windows 3.1 using underlying DOS Lan Manager or MS Client 3.0, or their IBM counterparts for DOS.

At least according to the public lists of patches.

It shouldn't matter much, though. Lan Manager authentication is insecure, but so is NTLMv1. In a modern setting facing hostile actors, neither is to be used.

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