[Offer] Microsoft Fortran 4.1

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[Offer] Microsoft Fortran 4.1

Post by louisw3 »

I just got this on an Ebay auction. Sadly I dont have access to a scanner or any fancy disk imager so this is all I have:


I didn't see it on the database, so maybe it's worth adding.

It supports MS-DOS & OS/2. No Windows support. :(

It also has the 5 1/4"disks but I don't have a drive in the UK, so I can't read them, it looks like the 3 1/2" disks were provided by a local Microsoft partner.
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Re: [Offer] Microsoft Fortran 4.1

Post by johnlemon647 »

Nice Found @Louisw3 I kind like it does not have Windows support

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Re: [Offer] Microsoft Fortran 4.1

Post by vbdasc »

louisw3 wrote:
Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:13 am
No Windows support. :(
What does this mean, though? As far as I can tell without actually running this thing, it has a text-mode IDE, and can generate 16-bit DOS-extended programs and OS/2 ones too, and maybe even fat executables which are valid for both DOS and OS/2. Yes, 16-bit DOS extended programs from that ancient era generally were incompatible with protected-mode Windows, but back then only real-mode WIndows 1.x and maybe 2.x existed, and they should run the programs generated by this compiler just fine :)

P.S. Windows/386, which runs in V86 mode, is an exception to this, of course.

P.P.S. If by "no WIndows support" inability to build Windows executables is meant, it's no surprise. The development tools team at Microsoft apparently despised Windows 1.x/2.x, considering these versions not professional enough. And Windows 3.0 didn't yet exist.

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