Gaming Performance On Linux Mint?

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Gaming Performance On Linux Mint?

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I'm Working On duel Booting Windows/Linux Together On The Same Laptop And I Was Wondering What The Best Tips For Improving Game Performance On it Would Be I've Been Working On In A Few Years Switching To All Linux And Want To Make Sure My Games Work Good Before I Go Full Into Linux if any one has any tips on performance it would be much appreciated (and the laptop is an s710 lifebook)-Longhorn Pro
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    Re: Gaming Performance On Linux Mint?

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    I had a Fujitsu Lifebook T900 (with the same stock CPU as the s710 lifebook) running Windows 7. The overall graphics capabilities was pretty bad when it came to applications made in 2015 or newer. If you install linux mint on it then I don't recommend you run games that were meant to run on Windows via something like wine. I would think that using the xfce version of linux mint is less resource intensive and would give your games more leeway. Separating your root, /home, /var, /tmp, /usr/local directories into partitions as well as having a /swap partition may increase your performance.

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