TheColectionBook's OpenAL32.dll Patch

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TheColectionBook's OpenAL32.dll Patch

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I found a patch on the internet for "OpenAL32.dll is missing" in the Windows 1.0 Dev Release 5,
but the downloads are now gone. :( :cry:
Where I can find it today please ?

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Re: TheColectionBook's OpenAL32.dll Patch

Post by Longhorn Pro » I don't know if this will help or not but I found a link to the dll file you needed (on if this is not allowed I will remove it at the moderators request
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    Re: TheColectionBook's OpenAL32.dll Patch

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    - HGStyle: I believe that was for the ancient PCem version that was used to run that Windows version at the time (in 2008). That's long irrelevant - just get the latest PCem or 86Box and run it there.
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