a couple questions

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a couple questions

Post by Windows Thunderstruck »

i got a couple questions

the site rules say im not allowed to use proxies, yet i remember yourepicfailure saying on betawiki discord server saying you CAN use proxies and vpns

why is betaarchive very opposed to mirroring? like why

idk what category to put this in so i chose general discussion

just asking thats all
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Re: a couple questions

Post by Andy »

In our experience, users that use a proxy or VPN are attempting to evade a ban or block put in place against them rather than to achieve anonymity, which is why we do not allow them. However, we don't block them, and we don't go looking for anyone using them without a reason, but if you do something to break the rules and you also use one then it will be another strike against you.

Mirroring is banned for several good reasons:

- Firstly, we don't have the bandwidth necessary for someone to download the entire archive. Downloading releases is supposed to be for personal exploration of releases, plus I would be very surprised if anyone had 90TB of available disk space to even store it.

- Secondly, no legitimate user will have a genuine interest in everything that BA has to offer, so there is no reason for anyone to download everything.

- Thirdly, anyone previously attempting to mirror has tried to host their own copy of the archive. This introduces the risk that the mirrored copy of the files will be maliciously modified, or corrupted. Downloading from BetaArchive directly ensures the legitimacy and safety of the download. Whilst we can't stop people from publicly hosting a copy of a file from BA, we can discourage it.

- Fourthly, a closed archive encourages growth of the archive. If it were freely available to download or mirror to anyone, with no account and without contributing, then the archive would never grow. Asking users to contribute one release to access tens of thousands more means that we continue to grow and the contributor gets rewarded for their effort. As the saying goes, there is no free lunch in this world.

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