VM/VSE/DB2 Question

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VM/VSE/DB2 Question

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Hello all,
I have a VM/ESA 2.4.0 system running SQL/DS (DB2) version 7.3 and a guest VSE/ESA 2.4.0 system running SQL/DS (DB2) version 6.1. VM runs ISQL just fine but it seems CICS's ISQL requires some maintenance (VSE) and therefore abends.

I have successfully preprocessed, compiled, and executed a sample COBOL program under CMS for VM accessing the VM database server. I've also done the similar sample COBOL job using ICCF under VSE accessing the VSE database server. So, both databases are running fine and I'm able to get data from the sample tables from either system.

Now, I'm wanting to preprocess, compile, and execute a COBOL program in VSE but process the data from the VM application database server. Both the VM and VSE documentation suggests I can do this, but I cannot determine how. There is a requirement for a file named SQLGLOB in VSE and a reference to specifying the VM application/database server name in VSE's ARISDIRD database directory (??). What I don't understand is the connection between the VSE COBOL program and the VM application server. How do I tell VSE's program to get data from VM?

I'll probably run into a similar issue when I try to access the VM database from a CICS program! That comes later.

Can anyone please give me some guidance?

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