Non-touch iPod Prototype Firmwares

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Non-touch iPod Prototype Firmwares

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Has anyone ever come across any prototype/beta firmwares for any non iPod touch model iPod here on betaarchive? From what I know in the iPod Community, it seems that there is practically nobody in possession of such things. I own a firmware for the iPod Video (1.2d1) which nobody (including myself) has gotten running yet and I know one user who has some 3rd gen Classic firmware (but unlike me they never have released it publicly nor intend to in the future). I also have a dump for an RMA unit's diagnostics menu which other people actually have successfully flashed onto their iPods. I made a post mentioning it here: viewtopic.php?p=467569#p467569 (I am working on finding the best way to officially upload it whether that be here or elsewhere).

For such a monumental and popular device it is quite surprising that there is pretty much nothing archived or available on the beta side of things. It is a long shot but I'd figure asking here would help bring some attention to it and at best maybe more firmware dumps.

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Re: Non-touch iPod Prototype Firmwares

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Didn't you read the Definitive Guide to BetaArchive? BetaArchive specifically states that you can't even archive any firmwares, including iPod ones, so yep, that's why there's no iPod firmwares on the archive. The reason is that it's pretty much useless if archived, because firmwares are for specific devices, and if you don't have that device, then it's as good as useless.
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Re: Non-touch iPod Prototype Firmwares

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Everything we had in regards to iOS was uploaded to years ago, but we have not updated that collection since then.
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