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[OFFER] Retribution

Post by crommm »

I have a DOS game ready to upload : Retribution.

But I have a problem.
I'm a new member and this is my first upload, so I only can use the upload server. (the Image Uploader ?)
I clicked on "Image Uploader" and got "Access Denied" :| Then I try to click on "FTP"
...and I got a lot of threatening warnings :o .
I must also say that I could not understand if the upload server is in the Image Uploader section
or if instead it is in the FTP section, separate from the FTP server.

Anyway before uploading I have a doubt to clarify.
In the guide I've read to upload all files archived in only one rar file properly named.
But since it also takes the md5 I suppose I have to send the main rar file plus a txt file containing the md5,
so I have to upload two files, isn't it ? Please clarify this doubt for me.

I point out another thing. According to the rules I could upload, and then download, after 3 approved posts.
I have 3 approved posts but the message that will disappear once I have 3 approved posts is still there.
I'm aware that now I put together the offer and the complaint, but before write this post I tried to send a private message.
...and I could not, since I am not authorized :? .

I would upload my game. What went wrong ? Please help me.
Thank you

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Re: [OFFER] Retribution

Post by mrpijey »


The image uploader has nothing to do with the FTP, the image uploader is to upload images to be posted on the forums. The FTP has two different accounts, one is the public upload account you'll be using to upload your contribution, one is your personal account you will get later once your upload has been accepted and you FTP application has been approved.

Yes, if possible put everything in a single archive. If you use rar you can skip the md5 file.

And no, your approved posts has nothing to do with the FTP, you will not automatically be allowed downloads because you got three approved posts. It only allows you to post more without needing the posts to be approved by a moderator. Has nothing to do with the FTP.

At the time you posted your message you had only two approved posts which is why you were denied PMs, as it requires three approved posts, which you do have now.

Read our guidelines on how to properly dump and archive your contribution before upload, that way you won't risk having to redo it again because you skipped on the instructions. And if you intend to apply for FTP access you do this after your upload is complete, not before as any FTP applications that come with a missing or incomplete upload will automatically be denied without any notice.
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