Bypass Win Subsystem for Android's RAM requirement!

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Bypass Win Subsystem for Android's RAM requirement!

Post by WinXPFan »

When Windows 11's Windows Subsystem for Android will be finally released, Here's how to get ready for it without upgrading! (Works only on 4GB RAM and up, If you have 8GB RAM or more, no needed to follow this guide)
1. Go to

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2. Paste this into the box:

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3. Click on the check-marked button
4. In the list, click:

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or the last option in the list to download the MSIXBundle installer file. (In Chrome, there's a bug which does not download the file, so to workaround this, use another browser, e. g. Firefox or Edge.)
4A. The browser might say that the file is not Downloaded securely, keep that file.
5. When it's complete, open the file.
6. Click "Install"
6A. If it fails with "ClipSVC can't start", watch this video:

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for a workaround, then try to repeat step 6, if succeeded, then proceed to the next step.
7. Done! However It'll show a blank screen. This is due to the development is in early progress. APK files cannot be open yet, when it'll be finally released, repeat these steps, only on Step 4, choose the newest MSIXBundle file.
I tried and it worked! :D
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Re: Bypass Win Subsystem for Android's RAM requirement!

Post by Einzigartig »

hello, i still go the error saying low memory, clipsvc is running, as soon I click files in the WSA it shows me low memory error, i have 4GB installed with 3.8Gb usable. :? may be my hyper v drivers are old and still apps say enable virtualisation.
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