[Offer] Mac OS 8.0 installation media for Umax clones (German)

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[Offer] Mac OS 8.0 installation media for Umax clones (German)

Post by kitor »

Recently I acquired two Umax licensed Macintosh clones, and was lucky to have original installation media with it.

I am not sure for which exact models this CD should be used. No such details are printed on cover and CD itself.
I received it with Umax Apus 3000 (known also as SuperMac C600) and Aegis 200 (Europe specific model), works on both devices.

From what I see on FTP there's only one Umax image, for Mac OS 7, so this will be good to preserve.

CD cannot be viewed on PC. I took my old Powerbook G4 to create images - Disk Utility on 10.4 allows me to create either .dmg or .cdr images (i believe .cdr can be then converted to ISO).
Which one should I upload?


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Re: [Offer] Mac OS 8.0 installation media for Umax clones (German)

Post by mrpijey »

Your PC doesn't need to "view" the disc, it only has to read it. If you use Alcohol120% it will be dumped properly.

Please dump and scan this according to our guidelines and we'll archive it.

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