Battle for Wesnoth early versions (pre 1.0)

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Battle for Wesnoth early versions (pre 1.0)

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Current official github page contains 1.0, 1.0rc1 and 0.711 as the most old versions.
But on is avaliable most older just 0.7 - ... thBinaries
Main page on has information about 0.4 version - ...
But the most older versions - 0.1, 0.3 and 0.3.4 as minimum - doesn't mention anythere exept wikipedia and author writes. Possible links was avaliable here but now they dead: ... load_id=13 ... nload_id=8 ... nload_id=6

Few more early version mentioned here:

I think preserve these versions would be good if they wasn't saved on official github page.

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