6.0.4067 Screenshots

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6.0.4067 Screenshots

Post by linuxlove »

Here's some screenshots of 4067. It's a bit of a bear to install on real hardware and I again had to resort to capturing screenshots via Remote Desktop because I believe I had some issues with either flash drives or SMB shares. Other issues with the build include:
  • Booting from DVD is broken and will bugcheck the system; you must do an upgrade install from Windows XP. Upgrading from Server 2003 is not supported.
  • The UDF driver is broken and attempting to access any UDF-formatted CD or DVD will cause the system to bugcheck
  • Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F9 to enable DWM does work, but causes the system to grind to a halt so bad the only thing that works after you enable it are the keyboard status lights. If you want to recover from that, you'll have to physically unplug your system from the power cord and cold boot again. On the other hand, that may just be because I was only running with integrated graphics and I don't have any period-correct LDDM-capable video cards in my stash of parts.

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Re: 6.0.4067 Screenshots

Post by yourepicfailure »

Yeah I was also able to get 3D views working, briefly.
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Re: 6.0.4067 Screenshots

Post by dixieLH »

does it have phodeo ?

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Re: 6.0.4067 Screenshots

Post by Kimberly5384 »

Thanks for sharing these screenshots! I'm pretty sure a couple people here including myself appreciate it.
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By the way, i know this is a bit off topic, but does anyone know of a cheap itanium pc I could purchase? If not that's fine.
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Re: 6.0.4067 Screenshots

Post by anonymous74 »

Itaniums are super rare. Believe me, I want one really bad. Definitely on the top of my list of computers I'm after. The problem with Itanium as an architecture is that it's totally dead, and was only really used in super high-end workstations and servers even when it was used. While there are some on eBay, they are all at least $800. It would be a royal pain to get one shipped as well.
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Re: 6.0.4067 Screenshots

Post by Googulator »

You may need to reduce your screen resolution (800x600, 1024x768 are likely to work) to enable DWM. Also, make sure you have full graphics hardware acceleration enabled (Display properties and DirectX Diagnostics), and that the Direct3D tests complete successfully.

LDDM is not required for pre-reset DWM; in fact, no LDDM drivers are actually known from this era (I've heard rumors of an LDDM driver being available or included with 4074 for Intel 915 chipsets, but never been able to find it). What is required is an XP driver with working 3D rendering via D3D9 interfaces (no need for actual D3D9-level shader support in the hardware, but the driver must accept D3D9 API calls - D3D8 may be enough, but D3D7 is definitely not).

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