longhorntest.cf is coming back!

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longhorntest.cf is coming back!

Post by swordlink1 »

I actually checked on it many days ago, but I never posted that this was coming back. On my old post about this, the servers for longhorntest.cf died. Many days ago, it switched from VNC to CollabVM Server. People can take turns now so don't worry about people fighting over the mouse cursor when you connect to a longhorn VNC that somebody else is using. It also has a Discord server.
Click here to go to longhorntest.cf!
You don't need a VNC client anymore, so enjoy ;)
You need a VNC client to use the service above.

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Re: longhorntest.cf is coming back!

Post by x010 »

Tried a random LH4074 instance, it does work as advertised, however,
* the mouse pointer is laggy
* internet does not work (was this intentional)?
* Shutting down the Longhorn instance causes the whole VM to shut down, and I couldn't find a way to restart it.

That being said, it's a nice concept that works.

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