Windows 1.0 Fall Comdex Build Text

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Windows 1.0 Fall Comdex Build Text

Post by Davidgameplay »

So i searched about this thing on these forums and i only found discusion about build not things in it i guess?
So i was bored and i got into work to decript that text in 7:10 in this video:
And there it is:
******** reasoning is reasoning *** (probably but)
regarded as final and strict let as provisional and ********* ****, whose
purpose is to descover the **l*tion (probably solution) of the pre**** problem. We are often obli***** (obligated probably) to use ********* reasoning. We shall (probably attain) complete certaint* when we shall have obtained the complete solution, *** (bet or let?) before obtaining certains we must often be satisfied with more or less provisional guess. We may need the provisional before we at**** (probably attain) the final.

I dont think this will help somehow in searching build but this could be build in?
David ;)

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Re: Windows 1.0 Fall Comdex Build Text

Post by Overdoze »

You can find the full text here: ... 78-039/pdf.

It doesn't really help with the build since they used this demo text in many early builds.
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