Offer Windows 2000 Professional OEM Greek

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Offer Windows 2000 Professional OEM Greek

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Re: Offer Windows 2000 Professional OEM Greek

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A120 convert to iso and dump to valid iso size (Volume has 188609 blocks of 2048 bytes each) = 386.271.232 Bytes
52ae49db9cdf817cd66fd0f733049f27b44efb12 *W2POEM_EL.iso

MSCDCRC 4.11 CD-ROM Disc Verification Utility
Copyright (C) Microsoft, 1992-2001

MSCDCRC: Verifying file ...\W2POEM_EL.iso (386,271,232 bytes)

100% complete

MSCDCRC: AutoCRC is 0x2451516D

MSCDCRC: This file contains a VALID computed CRC indicating the contents
of the file are correct.

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