Longhorn TweakNT?

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Longhorn TweakNT?

Post by Pikavolt321 »

What would happen if you changed the SKU/Edition of a Longhorn build? Anything from 4066 to 4074 to 5048 to even Beta 1-2 builds. For example, would a Longhorn 4074 .NET Server break everything like when you TweakNT XP? Would the activation freak out if 4066 became a client build? What about all of the Longhorn Professional builds like 5048 and 5112/5219? And other editions like Media Center Edition, Home Edition, Tablet PC?

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Re: Longhorn TweakNT?

Post by Meow »

Nothing really would happen. You’re just changing registry. 4066 would become a client build and would identify as such. Activation would simply work as if it was on an actual client build. At worst activation might just shut down entirely, and you won’t be able to log in.
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Re: Longhorn TweakNT?

Post by yourepicfailure »

I broke 4033 using it to try and convert it to Tablet PC edition.
You still won't get the components enabled anyways- you'd have to install them yourself.

With the winlogon hack, activation isn't called at all anymore. So it won't be a problem.
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Re: Longhorn TweakNT?

Post by Voyambar »

Can't you just convert the SKU to volume and just have it stop calling activation or delete it entirely automatically?

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