The Joint Windows Project

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The Joint Windows Project

Post by os2fan2 »

A project that I have been playing around with, is to boot Windows 95, 98SE and ME from the same MS-DOS 7.1. This means that you could have one virtual machine with a DOS select menu that will select any of the versions required.

At the moment, most of the cdrom layout has been done. The preserved folders ADD-ONS, ADMIN, OTHER, TOOLS, match what's on the 95/98SE/ME disks. Various options like the resource kits and the Plus packs included, along with the PLUS and a new folder SUPPORT. This contains various published fixes and addons (like the webfonts, the powertoys and krnltoys, some files from the betas),

Three different MSD files are included (2.12, 2.13 and 2.14), 2.12 is actually the one wondering around the web as 3.01. The latest version of my help file is included (support\oldmsdos).

This disk will be used in the jwp, with an installed versions of MS-DOS 6.30 and 7.10 being the primary targets.

Windows 95 OSR/1 will run under this DOS, if you make it fake version 7.0

Windows 98SE OS/R 4 ought run under this DOS, it is the DOS from that version.

Windows ME is included at the moment to allow 98SE2ME to run, but eventually, the plan is to see if we can hijack this to run under MS-DOS 7.1 too. Making 7,1 pretend it's 8.0 is not the main hassle. It's more that it works well.

Currently complete is to display different logos on different boot options (so the Win95 logo shows when Win95 is booted, and Win98SE when that is booted.)

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Re: The Joint Windows Project

Post by Meow »

I’m not sure that Windows ME will boot on MS-DOS 7.1. There are probably a whole lot of differences between 7.1 and 8.0. Try running all of these off of 8.0 instead.
Try switching the windows 3.0 ega driver with windows 1.01’s. it will be fun.

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Re: The Joint Windows Project

Post by Schneider616 »

Yeah, that would actually be interesting to do, since ME dropped real-mode DOS, and the current patch (the one that uses the IO.SYS from the ME emergency boot disk) removes the WinME logo from the boot process.
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