A Hat In Time Cut Stuff

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A Hat In Time Cut Stuff

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Hello everyone! I wanted to talk about A Hat in Time's unused/scrapped/unseen content. This game has change a LOT over the course of development, so there's plenty to talk about. I'll start off by saying my favorite pieces of content

The City of Calcite and Adventure was the first chapter during the "Calcite Era" of development. This pretty small map was heavily reworked into what is known as Mafia Town today. It features a Basement Combat Tutorial, a sidequest where you could ride a rocket to retrieve someone's birds, a bare-bones partner system that allows you to command them to let them you jump on them to get extra height, enter the Mafia Headquarters (which was hardly changed at all in the final game), and fight the Mafia Boss in a 3D Space.

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Re: A Hat In Time Cut Stuff

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The part I find the most interesting is the cut Adult Hat girl section as even the final game references it. There's alot of cut stuff from this game that is really interesting really.

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