Windows Blackcomb / Vienna Presentation (?)

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Windows Blackcomb / Vienna Presentation (?)

Post by GriffinFTW »

I found this video on YouTube that seems to be an old, official video from Microsoft. The uploader claims that it's a prototype for the scrapped project Blackcomb/Vienna that later became Windows 7. Does anybody know what this actually is?

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Re: Windows Blackcomb / Vienna Presentation (?)

Post by AlphaBeta »

Well, it literally tells you in the beginning. It's some Microsoft Research thing. Nothing to do with Blackcomb, really.
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Re: Windows Blackcomb / Vienna Presentation (?)

Post by happycube »

This feels like something that if updated would work nicely as a VR environment - maybe some of the code (or at least programmers) got picked up into Windows Mixed Reality.

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Re: Windows Blackcomb / Vienna Presentation (?)

Post by WindowsBetaGeek »

Oh, I've never seen this video before. Funny if they wanted to make Windows into a first-person adventure. I think someone in 1999 was talking about how the next generation of Windows looks like. So I think that's how the uploader claimed.

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