Gradient title bars in Memphis 1387 (and 95)

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Gradient title bars in Memphis 1387 (and 95)

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I haven't seen anyone else document this feature in this particular build, so I thought I'd share it publicly. The gradient toggle is only displayed if the desktop appearance attributes "Active Title Bar" and "Inactive Title Bar" are selected, so it's really no surprise why many testers didn't end up finding this feature implemented this early, let alone document it.

This is a unique specimen of a build since its the only known 9x build to have gradient title bars without having the IE interface. So, in a way, this is the inverse 98lite, since rather than showing how Windows 98 isn't too much different from 95 at its core, it could prove Windows 95 can do many of the same things 98 brags about.

Just for fun, my buddy did some back-porting of some small features from Memphis 1387 such as menu animations and highlighted buttons into a Windows 95 release build to create sort of a "Windows 95D" experience by overwriting the following files: GDI.EXE, GDI32.DLL, SHELL.DLL (renaming SHELL.NEW from the cabinets), SHELL32.DLL, USER.EXE, USER32.DLL, DESK.CPL and DESKCP16.DLL.

And sure enough, here it is with the files overwritten:


To clarify, the screenshot above is NOT Memphis 1387; my buddy still has to find a way to either zero out the version message or see if it can be toggled in the registry.

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Re: Gradient title bars in Memphis 1387 (and 95)

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Very good work.

I heard somewhere else that much of 98FE could be transplanted into 95 OSR2.x; particularly the kernel core which would allow for the use of drivers intended for 98, namely USB 2.0 devices/hubs/stack.

In a few days I'll be on my ThinkPad T41 trying to see if these early memphis builds had those driver-related API functions implemented yet and try to copy over the applicable files into win95.
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Re: Gradient title bars in Memphis 1387 (and 95)

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I was able to get USB 2 to work with Windows 95.
It took a combination of Files from 98FE, a Beta File, an Interrupt Driver I had to write, and some Patches to get it to work.

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