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 PostPost subject: Options for first upload        Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:29 pm 
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Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:06 pm

After moving house recently I've been archiving as many CD/DVD/Floppies as possible to save space and protect the data, and towards the bottom of the boxes I've come across a few older ones that I thought might be good candidates (and I can't find them on the online or offline lists, unless I'm a moron and missed them somehow :P )

Before I start ripping etc I thought I'd check if they're actual suitable (and wanted) or if I should keep digging around for better submissions. All the below are in English.

SDK Beta:
  • Microsoft Speech Application SDK v1.0 Beta 3 (CD) (2003)

PC Games:
  • Grand Prix Manager 2 (CD) (1996)
  • Syndicate Wars (CD) (1996)
         Currently only have the CD itself for this in my possession - I suspect the box may be buried somewhere in my parents loft, where a good chunk of my old boxes have been left behind for the last 14 years
  • Mega Pak (CD) (1991)
         Old DOS based B-52 Simulator,I have low quality scan of back of box I can link to if need be although I can't upload an image here until my third approved post, have also seen it branded as Megafortress - Mega Pak

Amstrad PC Software: (Lack the drive to image these at the moment, but I'll invest in one if they are worth uploading)
  • GEM Desktop 2.0U / Locomotive Basic 2 v1.2 (5.25" Floppy) (1987)
  • GEM Startup v2.1U (5.25" Floppy) (1987)
  • GEM PAINT v2.0U / GEM output v1.23 & Supplementary Programs (5.25" Floppy) (1987)

  • Maxtor Max Blast Plus v1.27s (3.5" Floppy)

Operating System:
  • Retail Edition of Mandrake Linux 8.0 (CD) (2001)
         Currently have only dug out and dumped CD1 (Core System) and CD3 (Commercial Applications) CD2 is missing in action, although will turn up eventually, but CD3 is the one containing all content unique to the retail edition

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 PostPost subject: Re: Options for first upload        Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:35 pm 
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Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:28 pm

I would say all are interesting except for the incomplete stuff and the Maxtor software.

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 PostPost subject: Re: Options for first upload        Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:02 pm 
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Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:06 pm

Brilliant, I'll make a start on proper dumps tomorrow then :)

I'll most likely start with the Speech SDK and work down from there. I've got some printed materials that shipped with the CD for that - would you like me to scan the whole thing, or just covers?

The incomplete stuff should all turn up eventually when we finish unpacking everything, so I'll rip those as I find them, then upload them when complete.

In the event I can't get hold of a working system to dump the Amstrad disks, I'd be prepared to ship them to someone else on here who can (at my expense) for the sake of preserving them.

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