Windows 3.0 Easter Egg

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Windows 3.0 Easter Egg

Post by DiskingRound »

I found this easter egg in Windows 3.0 that has been unlike the 3.1 one been forgotten. There is a certain text file in the warez archives, and it in somewhere, contained this:

Code: Select all


To show the secret "Credits Screen" for Microsoft
Windows 3.0 and Word for Windows, do the following:

Windows 3.0:

Minimize the Program Manager so that you can see
all of the Desktop
While holding down F3, type WIN3 and then release
F3 and press Backspace

(don't know and don't care about the Word thingy)
Some of you may know there's an easter egg in 3.10 (IIRC removed in 3.11 or WfW 3.whatever) that does this in the about box. However this one is not well known, and has probably not been posted here before (apologies if yes).

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Re: Windows 3.0 Easter Egg

Post by alexcbrookes »

Awesome find, although I tried it with no luck. I will try it on actual hardware when I get the chance.

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Re: Windows 3.0 Easter Egg

Post by SoftWitch »

Nice. Are these their Microsoft internal user account names or what? :D
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Re: Windows 3.0 Easter Egg

Post by Wheatley »

SoftWitch wrote:Nice. Are these their Microsoft internal user account names or what? :D
Yes they are.
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