[Request] Nextstep 3.0 and Nextstep 4.0pr1 redump.

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[Request] Nextstep 3.0 and Nextstep 4.0pr1 redump.

Post by JustZisGuy »

While looking at the Nextstep archives on the FTP, I noticed that several need a redump from the original media. I'll just request redumps here if that is OK.

First, Nextstep 3.0 CD ISO in NeXT NeXTSTEP 3.0 (CD) (M68k) is corrupt. The RAR is fine, and it is normal that it does not use an ISO filesystem (NS 3.x CDs use BSD 4.3, which will confuse most CD burining programs). There is an odd repeating pattern inside the ISO file that overwrote 4 bytes every so many K bytes throughout the file. I can go in to more detail if desired, but the bottom line is that it is corrupt, can not be repaired, and can not be used for install.

Second, the Nextstep 4.01 PR1 beta appears incorrect. It looks like the filesystem may have been converted from the original, and there is a "Linux" signature in the ISO headers. (I'm fairly sure NeXT Computers did not use Linux to make their CDs.). Also, the Motorola boot disk is corrupt (it appears to be an empty ISO file instead of a floppy image). It doesn't look like these could be used as an installation CD as is. Additionally, the files "NeXT NEXTSTEP 4.0 PR1 (beta).rar" and "OpenSTEP 4.0PR1 (beta).rar" are identical file sets.

Additionally, I noticed that the Nextstep 3.2 CD on the FTP is actually the Nextstep Nebula software CD, not the OS installation CD. But I found a copy here: http://www.max1zzz.co.uk/servers.html and am currently uploading it.

Actually, because the use nonstandard file systems, the Nextstep/Openstep CDs would be good CDs to have dumped with Achohol120 or similar in addition to the ISO images required for Previous and X86 VMs.

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