A very good way to make a Windows 95 Bootable CD

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A very good way to make a Windows 95 Bootable CD

Post by th1r5bvn23 »

1. Find a Windows 95 Bootdisk (.img file) and a Windows 95 ISO. (I use version 4.00.950.)

2. Download these softwares: UltraISO and WinImage (or 7-Zip)
UltraISO Website: http://www.ezbsystems.com (A shareware, you can just use free trial!)
WinImage Website: http://www.winimage.com (A shareware, too, and you can also use free trial!)
7-Zip Website: http://www.7-zip.org (An open-source software.)

3. Extract oemsetup.exe and oemsetup.bin from the Bootdisk.

4. Open Windows 95 ISO with UltraISO.

5. Add oemsetup.exe and oemsetup.bin to WIN95 folder in Windows 95 ISO.

6. Add Bootdisk Image to Windows 95 ISO and make it bootable.
1) Select Bootable -> Load Boot File in UltraISO
2) Choose the Bootdisk and load it

7. Now the ISO is Bootable, you can save ISO now.

8. Test the ISO. I can use the ISO to boot from CD.
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Re: A very good way to make a Windows 95 Bootable CD

Post by Windows 386 »

You can use "JO.SYS".
For JO.SYS you will need at least a compatible MS-DOS bootdisk:
-MS-DOS 7.00/Windows 95 GOLD/A
-MS-DOS 7.10/Windows 95 B/C; Windows98FE/SE
-MS-DOS 8.00/Windows ME
MS-DOS 6.22 or earlier is not supported.

The JO.SYS can be found on the bootable Windows 98SE/ME Retail/OEM CD, too.
When you start from the Windows ME Retail CD then use "2. Start computer with CD-ROM support".
Wait for a moment.
After the start use dir jo.sys and you can see this file.
Copy JO.SYS to "C:\"

How to use JO.SYS:
Format the diskette with format A: /U. Do not use the /S switch .The /S switch transfers the system files IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM and rewrites the bootsector).
Then copy the JO.SYS to the diskette.
After the restart the bootsector will run JO.SYS.
It will show the message "Press any key to boot from CD-Rom Drive (Escape to boot from Harddisk)..."

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