Metroid Prime 3 E3 03/03/2006 Prototype

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Metroid Prime 3 E3 03/03/2006 Prototype

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Date: 03/03/2006
Dumped: 11/22/2011

Dumper: emu_kidid
Source: NPDP Cart

This prototype demo was developed to run on Gamecube hardware (GDEV?) with 128MB RAM. It was found on an NPDP Cart and dumped via usual methods. Videos of it running at E3 can be found here: although what is dumped here is an even earlier version as you will see (although it looks very similar) since it's running with an actual Wii remote and nunchuk and it appears to be further developed. It appears to be compiled with a strange version of the SDK as it has "RVL" strings for WPAD and KPAD dating back to 2005.

Getting this running:
Either try on a GDEV, or use Dolphin-emu with 128MB emulated RAM size.
Shuffle2 was kind enough to make a version of Dolphin-emu ( to run this early prototype. A x64 pre-compiled version is provided in this archive, otherwise, you'll need to compile your own from these changes (

What is the IPS patch for?:
The patch will simply change the GameId (first 4 bytes of the Disc Image) to "GM2E" so that Dolphin can run it (as a Gamecube Game).

- ASSEMbler community for their donations to get this out there
- shuffle2 for his Dolphin-emu work on getting this specific prototype demo running

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Re: Metroid Prime 3 E3 03/03/2006 Prototype

Post by Derf »

Thanks for letting me know this is out there, very interested in trying this out. :-)

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