ThreeWave CTF for DMC (cancelled project)

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ThreeWave CTF for DMC (cancelled project)

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ThreeWave CTF is a modification for Quake and Quake 2, which made capture the flag mode popular in PC and console gaming. It was also planned to be released by Valve (possibly in part by its original author, David "Zoid" Kirsch, who was hired by Valve and still working for them) for Deathmatch Classic, a remake of Quake multiplayer on GoldSrc engine made by Valve in tribute to id Software, in 2001, but was not. This topic is about the Deathmatch Classic port.

It was distributed in Russia by 7 Wolf as a hidden part of Condition Zero September 2003 build ( ... 14&t=17032 ). Only few people know about it. Even Zoid, who made ThreeWave CTF for Quake and Quake 2, doesn't think that Deathmatch Classic was ever made (he said this through e-mail, quote: "I don't think Threewave CTF was ever ported to DMC. You can play the original Threewave CTF on Quake however.")

The build distributed by 7 Wolf is fully playable and features 21 maps from its Quake version.

DOWNLOAD: ... eewave-ctf

Installation instructions:
Steam version
1. Extract "3wave" folder to your Half-Life directory.
2. Open Deathmatch Classic GCF file (Steam directory/SteamApps/deathmatch classic.gcf) using GCFScape.
3. Extract "models", "sound", "sprites" folders and all .wad files except cached.wad from "dmc" directory of the GCF to "3wave" directory in your Half-Life folder.
4. Restart or relogin into Steam.
5. Launch ThreeWave CTF from your Steam Library.
WON version
1. Install Half-Life patch if not installed.
2. Extract "3wave" folder to your Half-Life directory.
3. Launch ThreeWave CTF from Half-Life Custom Game menu.

If the mod crashes after team selection, replace its cl_dlls/client.dll file with the one from Deathmatch Classic.

Capturephobolis, CTF remake of Claustrophobolis map.
The Slipgate Complex from Quake.
Flag, grappling hook and rune of Regeneration.


Gameplay video showing most gameplay elements in Capturephobolis map.

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